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Thimble Island Brewery started with a lot of inspiration, hard work and was built all by hand. Today, we have grown a family business to be the largest self-distributing micro-brewery in CT, with nearly 1,400 on and off-premise accounts. We currently offer 6 staple products as well as numerous seasonal and specialty products in draft, bottles and cans. Our products can be found throughout Connecticut.


  • Owner of Thimble Island Brewery Justin Gargano

    Justin Gargano
    Founder, CEO

  • Greg Page - Sales Manager

    Greg Page
    Sales Manager

  • Gina Gentile - Tourism and Retail Manager

    Gina Gentile
    Tourism and Retail Manager

  • Rachael Gullans - Manager of Finance

    Rachael Gullans
    Manager of Finance


  • Abhin Sheth - Sales

    Abhin Sheth

  • Chelsey Weise - Sales

    Chelsey Weise

  • Dane Nardi - Sales

    Dane Nardi

  • Jonathan Page - Sales

    Jonathan Page

  • Jared Neubig - Sales

    Jared Neubig

  • Trish Spooner - Sales

    Trish Spooner

Brewing & Operations

  • Ben Loomis - Brewing & Operations

    Ben Loomis

  • Pat Serpe - Brewing & Operations

    Pat Serpe

  • Hero - Supervising Cat



  • Kristin Lindahl - Packaging

    Kristin Lindahl

  • Meghan Owen - Packaging

    Meghan Owen

  • Henry Liu - Packaging

    Henry Liu

Tasting Room

  • Aleks Landolfi - Tasting Room

    Aleks Landolfi

  • Christian Vasquez - Tasting Room

    Christian Vasquez

  • Donna Borzillo - Tasting Room

    Donna Borzillo

  • Jaclyn Halkovic - Tasting Room

    Jaclyn Halkovic

  • Julia Goodwin - Tasting Room

    Julia Goodwin

  • Kelly Vanacore - Tasting Room

    Kelly Vanacore

  • Mike Doyle - Tasting Room

    Mike Doyle

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