About Us

Thimble Island Brewery started with a lot of inspiration, hard work and was built all by hand. We partnered with Northeast Beverage for distribution during fall of ’19 and now have over 1,800 different accounts. We currently offer 9 staple products as well as numerous seasonal and specialty products in draft, bottles and cans. Our products can be found throughout Connecticut.


  • Greg Page - Sales Manager

    Greg Page
    Sales Manager

  • Owner of Thimble Island Brewery Justin Gargano

    Justin Gargano
    Founder, CEO

Brewing & Operations

  • Christian Vasquez - Tasting Room

    Christian Vasquez

  • Hero - Supervising Cat


  • Pat Serpe - Brewing & Operations

    Pat Serpe


  • Meghan Owen - Packaging

    Meghan Owen

  • Henry Liu - Packaging

    Henry Liu

Tasting Room

  • Aleks Landolfi - Tasting Room

    Aleks Landolfi

  • Jaclyn Halkovic - Tasting Room

    Jaclyn Halkovic

  • Julia Goodwin - Tasting Room

    Julia Goodwin

  • Donna Borzillo - Tasting Room

    Donna Borzillo

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