Traditional Craft Beer Selection

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American Ale

STYLE - Amber Ale

ABV - 5.0%

There's just something about an ale. Quite possible the perfect balance of hops and malt, it's the type of beer just about anyone can appreciate.   Our American Ale has great character; it's full of aroma and flavor that is light enough to drink in summer and hearty enough to drink during the winter.  American Ale is a beer for beer lovers



Ghost Island Double IPA

STYLE - American Double IPA

ABV - 8.0%

First brewed in early 2014 as part of our "Uncharted Series" of limited edition and experimental beers, Ghost Island Double IPA quickly became one of our most popular brews.  Ghost Island is bold and complex with an intense crispness and smooth finish.  We dry hop it with Citra™ to add vibrant grapefruit and citrus aromas and flavors creating a dynamic and refreshing brew.



STYLE - Traditional East Coast Style IPA

ABV - 6.9%

This IPA seeks to blend the best components of classic American IPAs with highlights from the new generation. A hint of citrus perfectly complimented by a strong malt profile. Crisp, refreshing and well balanced.

Thimble Lager

STYLE - American Lager

ABV - 4.3%

The American Lager has become one of the most enjoyed styles of beer in the world today, and with good reason.  A smooth, refreshing Lager is the perfect beer to reach for at the end of a long shift, watching the game with friends, or relaxing at home with your family.  Much like blue jeans, apple pie and pickup trucks, American Lagers will never go out of style.


Session 45

STYLE - Session IPA

ABV - 4.3%

Our true-to-style Session IPA is crisp and refreshing, coming in at 4.5%, with bright citrus and tropical notes from Mosaic and Amarillo hops. This all day drinking brew is perfect for everyone to "groove" to. 



Ruby - Kettle Soured Blonde

STYLE - Kettle Soured w/Grapefruit

ABV - 5.0%